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Virtual Summer Workshop 2023: Week 3

Create your game about water with Scratch

Scratch is a browser-based development environment that lets you quickly and easily create games using programming blocks. (They're kind of like Legos for code!) By the end of this week, you will have created your own game in Scratch that you can share with others online.

This week's workshop is based on the book Make Your Own Scratch Games!, written by Anna Anthropy and published by No Starch Press. You will get a copy of the book if you attend the workshop! (You can also buy the book from No Starch Press or buy it from Amazon).

Cover of the book Make Your Own Scratch Games! by Anna Anthropy.

Here's a Scratch game created for a Family Saturday event at Watershed Management Group. Can you remix this game to make it better?

Here what we'll be doing this week:

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